Q: I already have a Facebook account, could I still profit from purchasing You Can Facebook?

A: Absolutely yes, I always believe in the motto “There’s always something new to learn” other than that we have gone to great lengths to cover all the aspects of Facebook use and have also added special features like Facebook for business’ , Dating, Customizing your privacy settings and insider tips that will make your social experience even better.

Q: Facebook are Constantly changing their layout, What if your book is outdated when I purchase it?

A: We know how frustrating it could be when you start learning something new only to discover that everything changed once you started feeling comfortable with it.

To tackle that issue we’ve created the ultimate tool to keep you on track.

Once you purchase You Can Facebook you will get Weekly emails with step by step tutorials (exactly like the ones in the book) keeping you up to date with any changes or improvements on the Facebook layout.

Q: I’m not over 50 could I still profit from You Can Facebook?

A: Absolutely, no matter how old you are You Can Facebook has something to offer you.

The Tutorials, Tips, Settings and the Content in the book are arranged as a beginner’s guide. So, it doesn’t matter if you are 15 , 50 or 75 there’s always something new to discover.

Q: This is my first time buying online, what safety precautions do you take in order to ensure that all my details are safe?

A: Obviously, you should only give your credit card to companies that you can trust 100%.

That’s why we use ClickBank.

ClickBank is an established credit card processing company that has been in business since 1997 and are a service of Keynetics Inc, a Delaware corporation with headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

Clickbank safely processes 26,000 digital transactions a day. And they serve over 200 countries.

When you place your order with us, you will connect to ClickBank through a secure server, which makes it virtually impossible to intercept your information. Once you enter your payment and credit card information, your credit card is validated and you will automatically be taken to our download page where you can download the files to your own computer.

ClickBank does not store your credit card number and we never even see it. We are simply informed of the fact that your payment has cleared. Again, we never even see your credit card number!

Q:  What are the payment options for purchasing You Can Facebook?

A: We accept Payments from : PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, Bravo, Diners Club, Maestro, Switch, Solo, Carte Blanche and JCB.

Q: Once I place my order how long does it take to get You Can Facebook?

A: Once you order You Can Facebook via Clickbanks Secured Server you will be directed to a page on our website where you will be able to download You Can Facebook immediately.

Q: What file format is You Can Facebook In?

A: You Can Facebook is formatted in PDF (Portable Document format) which is one of the most compatible and common files to view documents downloaded via the internet.

The file you receive could be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader and is safe and free to download here:


Q: I’m still not sure if you’re product could help me but I’m still interested in seeing what it can offer me. What do you suggest?

A: We strongly believe in the quality of our product.

However, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable when you make your purchase so we offer a no frills no fluff 60 day money back guarantee.

All you have to do is contact us at : Support@youcanfacebook.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: I’ve just purchased You Can Facebook and Changed my mind.

Could I cancel my order?

A: We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on You Can Facebook.

If you change your mind or are unhappy with You Can Facebook you could contact us via Support@youcanfacebook.com and we will process your cancellation request.

Q: Is You Can Facebook available as a printed book (paperback)?

A: At the time being You Can Facebook is only available in Ebook format but we are excited to ad that You Can Facebook will also be available in printed version shortly and will be sold by various distribution channels.

If you are interested in getting notified when the book is available in print please email us at  Contact@youcanfacebook.com

Did you find all the information you were looking for?

If not please send us an email at Support@youcanfacebook for any Questions, Complaints or Requests and someone from our team will be glad to assist you.