Authors Bio

Ari Freidman

Creator and Co-Author

With experience of over 15 years in the areas of computers and internet, Ari has always been a great enthusiast when it comes to understanding how things work and how to make them simpler for the wiser generation to understand them.

Ari has been an extensive user of Facebook and Social media since the early days and decided to create You Can Facebook under the premise that people over 50 can greatly profit from using Facebook.

Ari Is also the creator  of YouCanTV, a YouTube channel about technology and interent focusing mainly on Step By Step video tutorials.

“I really tried to create a guide that will touch on all areas of life if it’s Family, Work or love.

I also believe that when it comes to learning something new it could be really valuable to the learning experience to have a place to go to when you need help or support.

That’s why we created an onsite Blog, a Facebook group where people tackling the same issues can meet and discuss and a YouTube channel where we provide the latest information regarding everything Facebook….”

Other than being the creator and co-author of “You Can Facebook” Ari is an avid writer and is a certified alternative health therapist.

Sher Matsen

Co-author and over 50 facebook enthusiast

Over the years Sher has not only written dozens of books, technical manuals and how to guides.

She’s also ghostwritten hundreds of books for clients, and actively writes for the web – content, articles, press releases, and e-books both under her own name, pen names, and as a ghost writer.

She’s been writing for 20 years and ghostwriting for nearly as long.

Sher has basically been writing for the internet from its inception.

“I love to write and I also love Facebook, which is why I teamed up with Ari Freidman to create You Can Facebook. My motto is – The kids may have invented Facebook but we’ve invented the internet, so if I could do it so Can You!…”

Sher’s writing experience

Over 20 years of experience as a writer

Books and E-books Sher has written:

Understanding Dos

DOS for the Beginner

Working With Windows 3.1

Healing Herbs for the Mind Body and Soul

The New Age Dictionary

The Boaters Crazy Dictionary


Live Aboard Life on the Water

Training Shar Peis

Dog Training It’s as Easy as 123

Training Manuals for companies such as GM dealerships, Alberta Real Estate Boards, Realtors, City of Nanaimo OH&S, and City of Nanaimo Fleet.

Technical writer for QUE Publishing including books like Using dBase 5 for Windows and also as a ghostwriter for QUE Publishing

Sher is also an expert writer on and has contributed countless articles online.

Sher is also a Savvy Facebook user, and uses it both for personal and business use.

Visit Sher’s official Website at –


Trinity Clark
Co-blogger and article writer
Trinity Clark is a freelance writer, poet, business owner and well acclimated to the field of design. She is the mother of six natural children that are now adults with children of their own (9) and the adoptive single mother of a now ten-year-old son who happens to have autism.

Trinity is also a member of the Sandwich Generation with her nurturing being spaced between an aging parent and the raising of a grandchild while maintaining employment and raising a younger child with disabilities.

A Philanthropist at heart her main goal is to get her nonprofit; LOV Chapters USA,  up, running and national. LOV Chapters  USA  is a grassroots organization of People Helping People at the community level in hopes of a People Helping People epidemic.

Extensive time spent in the MLM Trade (Multi Level Marketing) inspired her to write and publish MLM POD Magic, A Guide to Successfully Honing Multiple Streams of Income. Trinity’s next books are: The Glass Menagerie, A Journey with Autism and Bizarre Parallels of Pain which is a glimpse into the author’s  very colorful life history and bizarre repeating  patterns.

Last but not least she found a comfortable outlet for her knowledge of life after 50 and her freelance writing skills with Freidman’s Guides.