Dear Future Facebook User,
  • Wondering why you should get on Facebook?

  • Puzzled about why it is so popular, especially among over fifties?

  • Curious about what YOU will get out of learning to use it?

Let me see if I can explain.

I am Ari Freidman, Co-Author and Creator of You Can Facebook. Also son, grandson, nephew and friend to many people who have passed the 50 [fifty] year mark.

A few years ago I started to notice something…

The older people in my life were really curious about Facebook, they wanted to know what it was all about, they wanted to know how to get started and ultimately they wanted to become expert enough to really enjoy all Facebook had to offer.

And I realized something else. Facebook had the power to really change the lives of the over fifties. Perhaps more than any other age group…

Would you love to speak to your children and the younger generation every day or whenever you want to?

How great would it feel to be one of the first to know their big news and, perhaps even better, to be part of the day to day details of their lives? Facebook makes this possible.

Have you been frustrated by the way technology has marched on and sometimes feel like it has left you behind?

Do you feel like instead of bringing you closer to the younger generations, it drives you further apart?

I know my parents and grandparents felt that way.


Problem was, though Facebook is relatively simple once you get started, it is huge – with a massive array of activities.

Keeping in touch with family is one but there are so many more things for the over fifties to be interested in.

  • Games that are both entertaining and sociable.
  • The chance to join and follow a multitude of important causes and interest groups.
  • Opportunities to meet new people.
  • Health reports and updates on every medical condition you care to name.
  • Even business possibilities where you could earn some pocket money or become an entrepreneur.

I wanted the people in my life to get the most out of Facebook but I did not have the time to sit down with each one and show them everything there is to know.

So I designed and co wrote You Can Facebook – a complete guide to everything Facebook for the over fifties.

And I wanted it to not be a dry and dusty technical tome, I envisioned it to being fun – filled with humour, personal stories and trivia as well as everything you need to facebook like an expert.

Meet The Team
Ari Friedman: Me. Someone who saw a need for a fantastically fun and informative Facebook guide for the over fifties and decided to put one together. My vision was a guide that would give you everything you needed to know to open up the world of Facebook – and entertain you at the same time.

But enough about me, I soon realized I needed help.

I needed a talented writer who understood the needs of the over fifties and who could help me to craft the perfect guide. Introducing… Sher Matsen: My talented co-writer.

Her real life experience as an over fifty Facebook user was invaluable. Her enthusiasm for Facebook is immediately obvious, it has clearly made an impact on her life.

This gave her the knowledge and the passion to write a guide that the over fifties can use to have the same positive experience.

She brought to the project energy, enthusiasm and a writing style that cannot fail to grab your attention and hold it as she explains every detail of the Facebook world.

Whether you just want to keep up with the grandkids, or are way past that and want to know how to upload photos of your own and start discussion groups – You Can Facebook has got you covered.

So, Why This Guide?
  • Written specifically for over fifties
  • It takes you step by step through every activity on Facebook
  • Easy on the eye visuals to back up each lesson
  • No-one gets near your stuff unless you want them to -privacy issues explained and eliminated in a few simple moves
  • No computer knowledge needed or assumed
  • Has the basics for beginners and the advanced for those who already know a little
  • A facebook dictionary that puts facebook speak into your language

This guide takes all the guess work out of navigating Facebook – its simple tutorials are designed to show you exactly what you need to do to get from A to Z in a flash.

You Can facebook : Absolutely Everything You Need To Facebook A-Z Guide For The Over 50′s

Over 400 pages of intuitively organized tutorials that take you step by step through everything you want to know. Whether you are a novice or already have your own account this book WILL improve your experience of Facebook.



Facebook Quick Guide – Valued At 12$

Just want to get started sending a receiving messages and up-dates plus being able to look at photo’s? With this mini guide you will understand the basic features of Facebook in an instant. Large screenshots of the new Facebook layout with arrows explain what each function is on the home and profile pages. The result is a visual “map” of the different options on those pages with a short explanation that serves as an ‘at a glance’ starting guide. You can then take your time with the rest.


Understand Facebook ‘Speak’ Valued At 12$

Facebook users, especially the young, often speak in code. Just like they do when they are texting. If you have ever wondered what all those indecipherable words are then here is your answer.


When I set out to create You Can Facebook I wanted to help the over fifties in my life discover the amazing world of Facebook. Once I realized how well it worked I wanted to share the guide with everyone over fifty who could benefit. I am so glad I did. It has been a very rewarding experience.

Unlimited “You Can Facebook” eBook Updates For Life!

Facebook are known for their frequent layout changes, so you may ask yourself “How exactly could I keep up to date with all the layout changes when they happen?”.

With Unlimited product updates keeping up with changes has never been easier.

The amazing thing about it is that you will NEVER need to buy a new facebook guide EVER again.

How Does It Work?

Simple! Every time we update our guide you will be immediately notified via email and will be invited to download the new version from our unique download page.

Why Am I Offering This For FREE?

I know how frustrating it is when you start grasping something new only to discover that everything has changed!

Secondly I really want to offer you something that you won’t find anywhere else.

I really believe that as a buyer, the value received from something purchased has to always exceed the price of the product.

And with unlimited updates the value of this offer is Sky High.


By – G.R. Berg Anchorage,

“On August of 2010 the first girl was born out of several generations on my son in laws side of the family, which is huge, they are Filipino and live all across the US and the Philippines. Many of them were on Facebook and posting her photos and videos which was a darn sight easier than trying to airmail them all over. You Can Facebook helped me figure it all out, and build a social network of family members to coo over her as much as we do. I’m so impressed; I am thinking that it might get my 71 year old dad into the loop and on Facebook as well.”

By Shirley Wood – New York

“You Can FaceBook” opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities”

By Joanne and Bill H.

“My son Jeff moved half way across the country for school last year and with the different time zones and each of us living such busy lives, we had a hard time connecting on the phone.

Finally Jeff suggested we email or I set up a Facebook account so his father and I can actually see instead of just hear what’s going on in his life. We ordered your eBook “You can Facebook” and learned really quickly that Facebook really isn’t as difficult as we thought it would be.

Without your book helping us set up a profile page we probably would have been lost until the next time Jeff was home from school and he could do it for us! Thanks again for writing such an easy to follow guide. I have suggested it to all of my “aging” friends who want to connect with their family as well.”

By Leanne  Harkins

“I have been single for quite some time now and wasn’t having any luck meeting anyone. My daughter suggested Face Book, but my initial reaction was doubtful. I mean how many over 50 year olds are on Face Book? I was WRONG. After purchasing your book I was up and running in a day and before long I was connecting with lots of people, but most importantly I connected with Ron, a boy I knew from highschool whom happened to be looking for love as well. Thanks to your book Ron and I are now more than FB friends!”

It has been fantastic getting all this great feedback and knowing I am helping people bridge the generation gap, find love and most importantly I am helping people connect. I want to help you connect through Facebook too.


Only A One Time Payment Of 37$

To help convince you, I want to offer you my personal promise.

A guarantee to put your mind at ease.

You Can Facebook will make Facebook so simple soon you won’t know how you lived without it.

How much would you be willing to pay for a guide that will have you up and running on Facebook within an hour? What price is fair for a book that gives you everything you need to understand Facebook fully and completely?

I genuinely believe every minute you waste is a minute you will wish you had back – once Facebook is part of your life!

Sincerely Yours,